Flyboard/Hoverboard by Dk Summer Club
Wakeboard by Dk Summer Club
Pedal boat/ Kayaking / Sup by Dk Summer Club

The Flyboard is a board connected through a long tube of 18 meters to the watercraft, that give the propulsion to rise into the air.
The height that can be reached depends on the power of the watercraft.
The club’s certified instructors have the absolute Italian champion 2016 and Italian champion category 2016.
The hoverboard exploits the same principle but it flies on a board (like snowboard).


The Wakeboarding is a water sport that combines the techniques of snowboarding and surfing.
The rider is towed from the boat at a speed ranging from 20 to 40 km / h depending on the athlete’s skill, the kind of trick you want to perform, or personal preference.
Only at DK Summer Club will be able to practice this sport at the highest levels driven by the Super Air Nutique G23 (2015), the boat used to compete in the world, and for this internationally renowned riders were at the club.


At the club you can rent pedal boats 4 places, one or two seater kayaks and the brand Sup, sports arrived in Italy in recent years and has been very successful.

Bowling alley
Beach volley
Tennis table
ping pong

Regulatory sand bowls court for funny games.

Born in California and in the Hawaiian beaches … .from now new beach volleyball area with two fine sandy fieldslocated close to the lake. 

New ping pong table in the solarium adjacent to the pool. 

The use is for free, rackets and balls can be requested at reception. 


Recently renovatedour sports court is for free, with the possibility of free use of balls and rackets at reception. 


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